Meet Donna Edwards


Lifelong Organizer, Community Leader and Devoted Mom

Donna was elected to Congress in 2008, the first Black woman to represent Maryland in Congress. She served five terms representing much of Prince George’s County.


Donna Edwards for Prince George’s County Executive


About Donna

Donna is a lifelong organizer, community leader, and devoted mom who has called Prince George’s County home for 35 years.

Donna has been fighting for our community values for years as a non-profit leader, labor organizer, progressive advocate and Member of Congress. Now she wants to take her public service to another level as Prince George’s County Executive.

Donna was born in Yanceyville, North Carolina. Her dad served in the U.S. Air Force, so Donna attended 14 schools worldwide before moving to Maryland for her HS senior year.

After earning her B.A. from Wake Forest University (among only six black women in the class of 1980), Donna settled in Prince George’s County where she raised her only son, the light of her life.

Donna started work with United Nations Development Program, then for the Lockheed at the Goddard Space Flight Center, which sparked her passion for STEM and innovation.

Donna then earned a University of New Hampshire law degree in 1989, after which Donna led several national movements for justice:

  • As a consumer advocate for Public Citizen, Donna fought for campaign and ethics reform
  • Took on Big Pharma to lower the cost of prescription drugs
  • Co-founder of the National Network to End Domestic Violence
  • Spearheaded the campaign to pass the Violence Against Women Act in 1994
  • Took on the NRA to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers

While living in Fort Washington, Donna led neighbors to take on big developers at National Harbor. Donna used her legal background to win hundreds of good union jobs, housing, and beautiful public walkable spaces for residents to enjoy.

Donna was elected to Congress in 2008, the first Black woman to represent Maryland in Congress. She served five terms representing much of Prince George’s County. While in Congress, Donna led a host of progressive causes, including:

  • Passing the Affordable Care Act, with limits on annual increases by health insurers
  • Dinner for hungry kids through the After-School Supper Program
  • Support for nonprofits offering re-entry services to people returning from prison
  • Broadened access to college and career opportunities
  • Brought jobs to our County through numerous highly successful Job Fairs
  • Ensured our County got a fair shot at regional economic opportunities

Played a critical role to attract a new FBI headquarters to our county

While in Congress, Donna saw the awful effect money has on politics firsthand. She was the first to introduce a constitutional amendment to take big money out of politics. Donna has pledged not to accept any campaign contributions from real estate developers. Instead, Donna is an organizer who knows if you want things done, get the community behind you.

In 2016, Donna was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Though her condition is mild, it was a wakeup call about the challenges many folks face and the importance of having affordable healthcare.

The time has come for a County Executive who will take on big developers and special interests; and clean house at the failing school administration office.

Elect Donna Edwards!