Donna Edwards Releases Statement on PGCPS Superintendent Resignation

Capitol Heights, MD — Today, after a series of news reports exposing grade scandals, pay-to-play accusations and secret pay raises, Prince George’s County Schools Superintendent Kevin Maxwell is resigning.

Donna Edwards, candidate for County Executive, released the following statement in response:

“Kevin Maxwell’s resignation is welcome relief for teachers, students and parents across our County. For far too long, our children have had to endure the taint of scandal overshadowing their achievements.

We need visionary leadership informed by the perspectives of educators, parents and students. We need to regain their trust by working to increase transparency about our challenges and implement proven solutions. And it starts with a national search for our next schools superintendent — a promise made to Prince Georgians long ago that has yet to be fulfilled.

The next stage is critical to ensure we rebuild a school system that is prepared to ensure that our children are ready to learn, work, compete, and win in the 21st Century.

That responsibility should fall to a new County Executive. Sadly, Mr. Baker’s prescription for reforming our school governance did little more than give extraordinary power to our current County Executive — and the folks who crafted this hybrid board-CEO scheme in the first place. This situation is both predictable and intolerable. Nonetheless, if we want to truly achieve the sort of top-to-bottom reform our County needs, Mr. Baker should identify an interim, placeholder CEO, leaving the long-term decision where it belongs — with the new County Executive.”

As new scandals surfaced in Prince George’s County schools, Donna Edwards led calls for Kevin Maxwell’s resignation and a return to an elected school board. She was the first to call for a ban on political contributions by superintendents and administrative staff to school board members who oversee their employment. She’s called for cutting administrative waste and moving those dollars back into classrooms, as well as broader efforts to recruit and retain top talent in the school system. Edwards is endorsed by the 9,000 teachers of the Prince George’s County Educators Association.

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