Donna’s Proud to be Supported by Working Families

“I’ve made no secret about about my support for working families, fair wages for workers, and opening the doors of opportunity to small and locally-owned businesses in Prince George’s County.

I have no control over the independent expenditure entity in question; and legally,  I am not allowed to, in any way, indicate what they should or should not do.

I’m proud of the grassroots support fueling my campaign — as it represents contributions from every day Prince Georgians, the folks who teach our children, paint our walls, repair our roadways and clean our hotel rooms.

For too long, working families and local businesses have been shut out of our County Government by the same old big developers — and their lawyers, lobbyists, contractors, brokers, and property management companies — who stand up candidates and maintain control over our County’s politics.

The developers’ candidate will need to answer for the attacks she is waging on their behalf against working families. Ms Alsobrooks will also have to answer for mailers printed by “inactive” groups that are operating, likely illegally, to ensure big developers drown out the voices of working families.

Big corporate developers have maintained a tight grip on our County’s government for decades, and elected officials have gone to jail for it. The only way to end this web of corruption is for working people to band together to defeat their candidate. Ms. Alsobrooks has collected nearly half a million dollars in contributions from many of the same corporate developers and their allies who boosted her former boss Jack Johnson. Working families have every right to ask what big developer contributions to Ms. Alsobrooks will buy.

Prince Georgians deserve to have a County Executive who looks out for their best interests, not the interests of big developers. We have so much work to do to improve our schools, to end the legacy of scandals and corruption, and help local businesses grow to strengthen our economy and improve the lives of all of those who call our County home. That is what really matters in this election.”