Donna Edwards for Prince George's County Executive


I’m running because it’s time to jumpstart the next era of opportunity for Prince George’s County residents through key investments in education, innovation, and job creation. 


With all of the craziness brewing next door in our nation’s capital, I believe that we — the people of Prince George’s County — must take control of our destiny into our own hands. 


We have the land, the tools, and the entrepreneurial spirit to bring unlimited opportunity to the County.  


But we need a leader who is willing to take on special interests to modernize our aging infrastructure, move more money into classrooms, and ensure that small and local businesses have the resources they need to bring jobs and opportunity back home. 


In this vibrant region, Prince George’s has the most untapped land for development, state-of-the-art transit, and transportation systems, and a diverse and rich culture to help employers recruit and retain top talent.  Now we need our government to be accountable to the needs of all its residents, use innovation to drive our economy forward, and focus our school system on producing a workforce that is ready to succeed in the 21st Century economy. 


— Donna




In my first year in office, I will convene an Innovation Summit to signal to the science and technology community that Prince George’s welcomes you as an economic partner.


I’ll work to leverage our County’s “tech corridor” of the University of Maryland, Bowie State College, Prince George’s Community College, Goddard Space Flight Center, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to grow an innovation economy here in Prince George’s that can serve as a hub for a whole new generation of start-up businesses across the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, from aerospace, to earth science to cybersecurity.



We need a County Executive who will stand up to special interests and put the people of Prince George’s first when it comes to job creation and economic development.  I’m refusing to take money from big developers for my campaign so that residents and taxpayers are in the driver’s seat.  We will reward positive economic development to create good jobs, community amenities, and benefits, and capitalizes on our tremendous transportation infrastructure. As your County Executive, I will work to increase procurement access — at every level of government — for small, local, minority, veteran and women-owned businesses as one of my top priorities.



As County Executive, I’ll work to attract and hire top talent to modernize our schools by cutting administrative waste so we can move more money back into our classrooms and raise pay for our teachers and those who interact directly with students so that we can compete in the region.


I’ll also work with our school system to leverage other County assets to support our children — including restoring tens of millions of dollars of lost Head Start funding, concentrating on early learning for all students, access to quality, affordable childcare,  building a strong  summer jobs program, making investments in training  programs at our community college, and demanding increased accountability from all government agencies for our children’s success and progress into adulthood.



Our County has been plagued for years by big companies and special interests who convinced government officials to turn over as much developable land as possible to whoever could build anything the cheapest and quickest. It’s time for taxpayers and residents to get the benefit of the bargain.


We are going create a government in Prince George’s County that is open, transparent, accessible, and where the world competes to do business with our communities and our residents on our terms.  I will ensure that our contracting is competitive and transparent, that we level the playing field for businesses located in Prince George’s County, and hire our local workforce.


That’s why I’ve pledged to hold the private sector accountable for improving our community’s quality of life by passing legislation to raise the minimum wage as well as negotiating project labor agreements and community benefits agreements for large-scale development projects.  When workers make livable wages, they buy homes, goods, and services in our County, strengthening our economic base.


And my commitment to ensure that County Government is accountable to our fellow neighbors and taxpayers also means holding County agencies responsible for delivering top-notch services with the highest standards of integrity — from timely trash collection to aggressive code enforcement to compassion for victims of sexual harassment and domestic violence.