Edwards on Maxwell Golden Parachute: This Isn’t Wall Street, This is Our Children’s Education.

Capitol Heights, MD — Following reports of his resignation, new details have emerged noting a potentially outrageous million dollar golden parachute for failed schools chief Kevin Maxwell.

On a Facebook Live discussion today with PGCPS School Board Member Edward Burroughs, Donna Edwards spoke about this potential injustice for parents and students, as well as educators who still have yet to receive comparable pay raises to the ones received by administrative staff.

Full text of the statement is below:

“The situation just keeps getting worse for our county and school system. After years of scandals, millions of dollars lost in critical funding for our youngest HeadStart children, unethical campaign contributions and secret executive pay hikes, Kevin Maxwell could walk away with a million dollar taxpayer-funded golden parachute. It’s hard to believe that he resigned before being terminated for cause.

This isn’t Wall Street, this is our children’s education. And it’s high time we put those administrative dollars back in the classroom. The only parachute that is acceptable on Mr. Maxwell’s departure is the one that floats back in the budget for children.

According to the CEO’s contract, our county may negotiate a severance package that pays the remaining 3 years of Maxwell’s salary and benefits.  By contrast, the current proposed budget guts teachers’ school supply budget, even as they struggle and put up their own money to provide a quality education for our students.

Our leaders brought Kevin Maxwell to our schools, and now that he’s failed, they could hand him another fat paycheck on the way out of the door. Prince George’s parents, teachers, students and taxpayers deserve true transparency and real accountability.  What is permissible under this flawed contract must not become a reality. Not on my watch.

If you want to learn more, or stay up to date on this issue, please visit my website [WWW – DOT – DONNA FOR PRINCE GEORGES- DOT-ORG], or follow us on social media for further updates.”

Among the many perks in the current CEO contract that teachers do not get, Maxwell is assigned a free laptop, vehicle, driver, security detail on job-related travel, up to $25,000 expense account, up to $71,000 annually for retirement contributions, up to 10 percent performance bonus, and automatic 3.5% per year annual salary increase.

Things That $1 Million Buys in PGCPS—Pick One

  • 229,885 breakfasts and lunches for elementary students
  • $4,808 of school supplies for each of the 208 public schools
  • 13 additional laptops for each of the 208 public school libraries
  • 14,286 math text books — 595 math books for every high school
  • 10,638 Advanced Placement exam fees
  • 108 biology kits for each of the 60 middle and high schools
  • 53 robotics kits for each of the 60 middle and high schools
  • 3,409 field trips in the region or 16 field trips for every school

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