Accountability that levels the playing field for local businesses and the workforce


Our County has been plagued for years by big companies and special interests groups who convinced government officials to turn over as much developable land as possible to whoever could build anything the cheapest and quickest. It’s time for taxpayers and residents to get the benefit of the bargain.


We are going to create a government in Prince George’s County that is open, transparent and accessible, and where the world competes to do business with our communities on our terms.  I will ensure that our contracting is competitive and transparent, that we level the playing field for businesses located in Prince George’s County, and hire our local workforce.


That’s why I’ve pledged to hold the private sector accountable for improving our community’s quality of life by passing legislation to raise the minimum wage as well as negotiating project labor agreements and community benefits agreements for large-scale development projects.  When workers make livable wages, they buy homes, goods, and services in our County, strengthening our economic base.


My commitment to ensure that County Government is accountable to our fellow neighbors and taxpayers also means holding County agencies responsible for delivering top-notch services with the highest standards of integrity — from timely trash collection to aggressive code enforcement to compassion for victims of sexual harassment and domestic violence.