Development that considers our local residents first.


It’s time to build a new era of opportunity for all Prince Georgians.  For our economy to compete in the 21st Century, we must embrace an economic development strategy that is intentional, enabling residents to jumpstart careers and create jobs. Prince George’s County deserves a vision that uses tax incentives, private partnerships, and community alliances to leverage our resources to sustain families and grow businesses.

For decades, the scales of decision-making — especially around transportation improvements as well as investing in the improvement of public education and wraparound services for our neighbors — have been tipped toward the interests of developers and left many of our most vulnerable residents out in the cold.

Donna’s vision for growth and development is focused on building an inclusive and sustainable economy because Prince George’s residents and families deserve better.

As County Executive, Donna will work to make sure our biggest projects come with community benefits agreements that ensure returns on infrastructure, tax credits, or economic development subsidies provided by County Government are shared by ALL Prince George’s residents, workers, and small business owners, not just the developers who build them.

Prince George’s County is positioned to build and grow on our terms. We shouldn’t sell ourselves, short on education, on public safety, or on positive economic development.

Here is how we will deliver on this promise:

Establishing the Prince George’s Technology Innovation Corridor

  • We must engage and leverage our economic development assets of the University of Maryland, Bowie State University, University of Maryland-University College, Prince George’s Community College, Goddard Space Flight Center, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to grow an innovation economy here in Prince George’s that can serve as a hub for a whole new generation of start-up businesses across the Washington, DC, metropolitan area — from aerospace to earth science to cybersecurity

Raising the Minimum Wage

  • Fight to increase the minimum wage in the County to $15 per hour because none of our neighbors should work hard and be unable to provide for their family — at the current minimum wage ($11.50 per hour), a single mother who is the head of a 4-person household with 2 children today in Prince George’s working 40 hours per week still earns too little ($23,920) to pull her family above the poverty line

Making Transit-Oriented Development a Reality

  • Re-direct a portion of $170 million in wasteful spending on highways to nowhere to bail out developers and support sprawling developments that intrude in our rural tier and do not maximize our assets — Donna believes that we should create a Transit-Oriented Development Investment Fund to support infrastructure, street design, landscaping, and placemaking capital projects at priority Metro stations
  • Establish a matching fund grant program to support the creation of community WiFi at 4 underdeveloped Metro stations and 2 partner municipalities in Prince George’s County
  • Focus and coordinate the work of the Prince George’s County Planning Department, Economic Development Corporation, and Financial Services Corporation to create dedicated teams of County Government staff devoted to the revitalization and development of Inner Beltway main streets and commercial corridors

Improving Small Business Services + Expanding Entrepreneurship

  • Expand staffing for our small business outreach program — where County Government representatives assess needs of the business community as well as provide case management and connections to federal/state/local government resources that can help your business perform its best, thrive, and grow in Prince George’s County
  • Revive an existing County law to establish more Business Improvement Districts throughout Prince George’s to ensure that more of our established communities are able to have local small business owners and property managers come together to take cooperative action (and consolidate resources) to support trash collection, neighborhood marketing, and applying for state and federal community development grant programs

Good Jobs, Standing Up for Workers, and Community Benefits Agreements

  • Throughout Donna’s more than 30-year career as a community activist, non-profit executive, and member of Congress, she has fought for all working men and women to not only have access to better wages, but also all of the benefits and support services that are necessary to be successful at work
  • Our campaign refused to accept contributions from big developers so that ALL of our residents and taxpayers are represented when it comes time to negotiate with business interests over the terms of large development projects
    • That’s why Donna’s vision for economic development will reward and provide incentives to the private sector to make investments that benefit ALL OF US by requiring our largest economic development projects to create good jobs and provide real amenities for our communities — just like she did when  negotiating with The Peterson Companies to preserve public access to the Potomac River waterfront (among a host of other benefits) at National Harbor