Invest in Early Education

  • Donna knows good early education provides the building blocks for later success in school
  • Donna will restore $20 million in federal Head Start funds lost for noncompliance over 3 years
  • Donna will press state to fund Universal Pre-Kindergarten
  • Donn believes in having diverse delivery systems for early childhood education

Educate a Workforce Ready to Succeed

  • Donna knows good schools are vital for:
    • good citizenship
    • success in life
    • attracting new businesses to Prince George’s County
  • Donna will keep good teachers by paying them on par with neighboring school systems
  • Donna will shift excessive school administrative funding back down to classrooms
  • Donna will hire more teachers to cut class size down from today’s 29 student average

Donna will demand accountability from all school personnel for our children’s success

Leverage Other Public Programs

  • Broaden access to affordable, high-quality childcare and afterschool programs
  • Build a strong student summer jobs program
  • Invest in community college training programs for key job growth industries
  • Charge insurers for health-related costs to educate students with disabilities
  • Pressure state to construct new schools to get our students out of thousands of temporary trailers

Strengthen Our School Board

  • Reinstating an all-elected School Board to return accountable to voters
  • Establish criteria for the skills and responsibilities expected of School Board Members
  • Regularize status reports from the Superintendent to me and the School Board
  • Allow the School Board to select its own chair, instead of the current appointing one
  • Name a search committee of educators, parents and elected board members for a new Superintendent having experience in:
    • Teaching K-12
    • Managing large scale organizations
    • Instituting turn-around reform
    • Public policy
    • Fiscal oversight of multimillion dollar budgets
  • Send new Superintendent on a Town Hall Tour to hear public concerns, share a vision for reform and unite all stakeholders in common purpose