Donna Edwards’ Statement on New Calls to Fire PGCPS Schools Chief

Capitol Heights, MD — In response to new calls from candidates to be removed, county executive candidate Donna Edwards released the following statement:

“Real leaders lead. Was it the loss of $6 million/year in Head Start funding that put you over the top? Or the grade fixing? Or the unethical contributions? Or the 12% pay raises? Or the $450k CEO contract? Or that PGCPS is still 23 of 24 school systems in MD? Or your polling?

For months, parents, teachers, students and members of our board of education have been calling for Kevin Maxwell to be fired. Now after getting permission from her handlers, the establishment candidate deems it politically safe to call for his removal. This is the sort of leadership we can expect from Ms. Alsobrooks — finger to the wind, bowing to interests at the expense of our children’s futures. That isn’t the sort of leadership our county needs or deserves.

For months, I’ve called for a ban on developer contributions, I’ve pledged to clean house in our county and our county school system. I first called for Kevin Maxwell’s removal last August before I made my run for county executive official, and I’ve remained consistent in the months since — it’s time for transparency and accountability, but we also need to have proven, fearless leadership in place to get the job done. I know I’m ready for the job — the question for voters: is Angela ready?”

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